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Chik-fil-A Appreciation Day in Texarkana, TX

Half and Half Post Office in Texarkana

Sue's in Texas and I'm in Arkansas

State Line Avenue - Left is AR and Right is TX

We stopped in Texarkana, TX today for lunch and decided to eat at a Chik-fil-A. Oh my god was it crowded. They had the police at the entrance directing traffic because cars were lined up at the drive-in all the way around the building. A line of people was out the door so we joined the line. Surprisingly it moved pretty quickly and after about 10 or 15 minutes we were in the door into the air conditioning, but a glance around showed the line went all the way to the front of the restaurant and wrapped to the back and then went back up front to the counters where you could order. It was a real conga line. There must have been a couple of hundred people inside in line and at the tables. If you’ve ever been in a Chik-fil-A, that’s a lot. Everyone we saw and talked to was in good spirits and with no complaints about the wait. Once we got to order lunch it only took about 10-15 minutes for the order to be served. The Chik-fil-A employees were great. You might think that given the amount of stress from the number of people there would be some short tempers, but none were seen while we were there. Once we sat down to eat, Sue spilled a super-sized lemonade down my leg and onto the floor. Did it cause a commotion? I was probably the most upset because it had sugar in it and my let was all sticky. The folks from C-f-A came out and swept up the ice and soaked up the lemonade and apologized about it. All in all it took about an hour and a half for lunch by the time we got back to Winnie.

After lunch we drove into Texarkana to find the US Post Office and Court House that is half in Texas and half in Arkansas. The state line runs right down the center of State Line Avenue (what an original name) and through the center of the building. It’s apparently the only building in the US that has a state line running through it. I wonder if the mail for Texarkana, TX from Texarkana, AR and visa versa goes directly to the other side of the post office or if it is shipped to a distribution center in somewhere in Dallas or Little Rock and then returned to Texarkana? I’m betting on the latter.

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