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Union Fort

Union Fort

Yellowstone Missouri River Confluence

As soon as we left the campground this morning, we saw some bison. We were very excited as we followed one along the road. He kept looking back at us. We were not sure what he was planning. He waited until we passed before crossing the road behind us. His mother must have taught him road crossing safety. We made the drive into Williston uneventfully as the rotated cracked tire held, and got our new tires installed and were back on the road by 11:45 a.m. We got to Fort Union Trading Post when it was only 11:15. We were not sure what time it was today because we kept crossing from mountain to central to mountain time… The parking lot was on Mountain Time in Montana, but the Fort was on central time in North Dakota. Very Confusing! We enjoyed a nice tour, then we drove over to the Confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers. That was on Central Time in North Dakota. When we left the confluence, we entered Montana for good, which is on Mountain time….Eye Yi Yi… are you as confused as we were?

Prior to leaving North Dakota, driving up the 85 into Williston, and the 58 back into Montana, (Janice couldn’t keep the highways straight…85, 58 that’s about as bad as mountain and central time) we could not believe how much of an oil boom is happening in ND. Everywhere we looked we saw new technology being employed on the oil derricks. There is not enough housing for the employees so instant cities constructed out of RV’s are popping up everywhere. The people are coming in for employment in droves and yet, there are a plethora of job openings that are not filled. The infrastructure is not developed enough yet to handle the multitudes of workers arriving for the employment opportunities. Traffic was crazy!

We wound our way up the Yellowstone River Valley and stopped in Miles City, Montana for the night. Yes, it is a Wal-mart camping spot special. We talked to Aunt Susie and will be stopping by her place on Sunday in Hamilton, Montana. Westward Ho!

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