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Marine Tce, Geraldton


Had a nice day in Geraldton today, out and about took a few happy snaps, had the car serviced, Carol had a haircut and bought herself some Bras at the RED DOT SHOP and I thought that sounds familiar and worked out that Tram Crews stopped for snacks enroute at the Red Spot in Stuart St in Ballarat….. I can store some useless info….

Hopefully this “cold Front” we are enduring will move inland overnight as we are going to get “Chish & Frips” for luncheon tomorrow and eat on the foreshore and visit the memorial to HMAS Sydney.

Talking to the guy servicing the car (Gracie was in the back and enjoyed the hoist ride) about the expensive boats in the “Yacht Basin” and he says that it’s pretty empty now, “The GFC knocked the backside out of it” he said.

Dad turned 89 today so we phoned him early and he was out collecting his winnings from scratchies he was given so when we did get onto him he was in a state of elation and went on to tell me that Geraldton was where some kids emptied out his pot plants….

The internet clags up here at night so I have no choice but to watch TV or chat to Carol and we all know where chatting leads….

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