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Old Fort, NC - Cove Creek RV Park - site 1

Old Fort, NC - Cove Creek RV Park - site 1, another...

Gaffney, SC to Old Fort, NC 0 - our route - 107...

Gaffney, SC to Old Fort, NC 1 - Lots of construction along...

Gaffney, SC to Old Fort, NC 2

Gaffney, SC to Old Fort, NC 3 - on I-40 headed toward...

Gaffney, SC to Old Fort, NC 4 - Approaching our exit at...

BRP 1 - the Blue Ridge Parkway is a good two lane...

BRP 2 - the parkways has many tunnels, we lost count of...



BRP 5 - this is the tunnel at mile post 404

BRP 6 - though we are north of the Smokies, you can...


BRP 8 - Looking Glass Rock.jpg

BRP 9 - it snowed at high elevations last night

BRP 10 - some of the trees has kept the snow dusting

BRP 11 - a few icicles had formed last night and are...

BRP 12 - a lot more

BRP 13 - feels like you are on top of the world

BRP 14

BRP 15 - a little color as we descend a little

BRP 16 - more snow as we climbed again

BRP 17 - a waterfall several miles across one of the valleys...

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 0 - Libby got her first gravel road...

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 1 - the trail

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 2 - the falls from a distance

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 3 - from a little closer

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 4 - from the bottom

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 5 - just enjoying the view

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 6 - rhododendrons cover the mountain side and...

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 7 - what they look like close up

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 8 - they are just starting to bud...

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 9 - more of the trail

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 10 - the requisite wildflowers!

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 11 - with a grateful visitor

Tom's Creek Falls Trail 12

Downtown Marion, NC

Many quilters use paintings of their quilting squares as decoration on their...

another one

More quilting squares

and more

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Tom's Creek Falls, Marion, NC

Our 107 mile trip from Gaffney, SC to Old Fort, NC was a relaxing drive through the foothills of the Smokies. It was mostly on back roads but we still didn't see much more than we would have seen on the interstate. We topped off the Mothership as we left Gaffney at 4.009 per gallon. That is the least expensive we have seen diesel in a while and about 16 cents cheaper than what we have seen in North Carolina.

We are staying at the Cove Creek RV Park about seven miles south of Old Fort. It is a small Passport America park with only 10 RV sites. We have 50 amp full hookups, a clear shot to the satellite and pretty good Verizon though it does fade from time to time. It is built on the side of a hill and only sites 1-3 are pretty level. We are in site 1 as the only resident other than what seems to be a full time resident down about site 8. We have good views of the foothills and the park is an excellent launching point for seeing this area.

Monday we awoke to 35 degrees and high winds. We waited awhile and then went for a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We covered the parkway from Asheville to near the Southern end at Cherokee, NC. The parkway stretches from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the South to the Shenandoah National Park in the North, covering 469 miles along the tops of the mountains. We intend to drive its whole length, a little at a time, staying at several RV Parks in the foothills and then taking Libby for a ride in the mountains. We still plan to cover a section North of Asheville from here but that section of the road is currently closed due to ice and snow. It is supposed to clear by the weekend but hopefully earlier.

Tuesday we went just North of Marion, NC to walk the trail to Tom's Creek Falls which is about a two mile round trip. The temp was in the upper 50s and we thoroughly enjoyed the hike. Afterwards we went into the town of Marion for lunch and just driving around.

I am posting this tonight so that there will not be so much for one posting if I wait until Sunday. I will post the rest of the trip Sunday.

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