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With the wind at our backs - always good for the gas mileage - we drove out of Texas on a summery February day. We are camped at a casino in Lake George. There are two casinos here that both have campgrounds. We read the reviews and one was roundly criticized by every camper, while the other got rave comments. You might guess which one we chose. We have access to all the facilities including a magnificent pool and the buffet. This casino campground is not as economically prices as some we have enjoyed, but the location and amenities can't be beat. We never gamble; what we spend here today will not be a surprise.

I think about my father every time we drive through Lake George. He was an unwilling draftee during World War II. As a German American I suspect he had some mixed emotions about a situation that seems more black and white today. And he hated taking orders. So first the Army sent him to some podunk in Utah where the dust storms seeped through the cracks in the housing Uncle Sam provided. And then they sent him to Lake Charles in the summer. He hated heat and humidity and even today in February it was quite warm and humid. He talked about needing to take a shower as soon as he finished taking a shower. And the mosquitoes were terrible - they still are. I think in comparison he enjoyed actually being in the war much more. His opinions of Lake George are indelibly etched on my mind.

But we are enjoying Lake Charles today.

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