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Today at 9:00am we had a Pancake Breakfast hosted, cooked and served by the Tracks personnel. Sue made the pancake batter, Sam cooked the pancakes and Jack and Jean made the bacon. I know they all shared in the preparation, cooking and cleanup, and it was a great thing to do. We enjoyed it very much. Hats off to the "Tracker Wagon Masters"! After the breakfast, we had a myriad of things to do. Joanne did some ironing and I worked on my computer. At noon, we and the Schuellers went into town to do a sort of "walking tour" on our own, and see some of the shops we had passed by on our bus tour. We had a light lunch at a Canadian favorite, "Tim Horton's", which can be found anywhere in Canada. They are a short order sort of place with good soups, and sandwiches, etc. Our choice is usually soup and a roll, since they do have very good soups. Rod and I sort of hung around outside talking with the locals and taking pictures while the two Joanne's were doing important business inside the shops. They had another sort of celebration going on along the river with "First Nation" and other local artists displaying their wares, etc. Lots of tents set up with the artists actually demonstrating their art on site. We then went to Miles Canyon, as we knew that Uwe and Anna were taking the boat tour on the Yukon river and thru the Miles Canyon and we thought we would surprise them by being on a neat bridge over the canyon and take their picture as they came thru. They did, we did, and it was good! We then went back into town and visited the Yukon Brewery. We got there too late for the tour, but sampled some beers, and Rod talked to the Brew master for a while. Back at camp, we again had cocktail hour with Rod & Joanne, Uwe and Anna, and later Rod & Joanne made a nice pasta dinner for the four of us. The day was sort of windy and cool at times, but all in all, a good day. Tomorrow.............Alaska!

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