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As retired folks, we never set an alarm and get up when we are done sleeping. It's a real treat. But once in a while there are certain things that get us going while it's still dark. And if you're going to Cajan music breakfast at the Cafe des Amis, you need to be there at 7:30. When we left the campground, the sun was just coming up burning off the picturesque fog. There were only a few empty tables left when we arrived at the cafe. We feasted on beignets, andouille grits and eggs covered with crawfish sauce. But when the band started, the food became secondary. The restaurant is small and the dance area overflowed into the aisles. The poor waitress had to slalom between the wiggling hips, plates in hand. We really loved this band. Even though we ate slowly, eventually we were finished and the waitress kicked us out, ever so politely. We found a little empty space near the bar and lingered. We especially enjoyed a little old lady who had twenty years on us, boogying all alone waving her arms and singing along.

But our day of music was far from over. We drove to the agricultural community of Eunice, where on September 12th, 1894 C.C. Duson drove a stake and said, "On this spot I will build a town and name it for my wife, Eunice." Poor Eunice died two years later at the age of 35, but her namesake still flourishes. The local NPR station broadcasts Cajan music live from a restored former vaudeville theater every Saturday night. General admission tickets went on sale at 4, so we stopped by the local museum before the show began at 6. It was packed with local memorabilia of all sorts and reminded us of our grandma's attic. The museum was also staffed by our grandma. This charming little old lady didn't really know all that much about the museum, but she was overflowing with memories about growing up in Eunice. It didn't seem like she had too many out of town visitors and she was so pleased for our company. Back at the theater, the pattern was similar to this morning. After a few bars of music, audience members leapt to their feet and danced in front of the stage. Maybe "eased to their feet" is a better was to express what we saw. All the dancers from the audience had to be card carrying AARP members. Their dancing left much to be desired, but they clearly had a ball and the band enjoyed them being there. We were surprised that the emcee conducted nearly the entire program in French, the language of all the song lyrics. It truly was like a Cajan version of the Grand Ole Opry.

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