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At the San Felipe State Historical site.

Stephen Austin.

A plaque near the statue of Steve Austin.

I'd say a pretty old hole in the ground.

Not something to fall into.

Style of log cabin in the day. The central "dog run" allowed...

Another view.

This explains the white building in other photo.

More of the same regarding white building.

This is the museum building. Not much inside at this time.

Lots of these in the area.

San Felipe State Historic Site

This was a fairly small site – a couple acres, consisting of primarily those items in the photos. The photos pretty much explain things.

As I was the only visitor at this time, I had a personal explanation of the history of the area by the Historical curator at the museum. There wasn’t much inside the museum building, and I suspect the item worth mentioning was a model of the original town, with locations of houses, etc.

To quote from the small brochure: “In 1823, on a bluff overlooking the Brazos River, Stephen E. Austin established San Felipe de Austin as the capital for his colonization efforts. This site commemorates the first municipality in Mexican Texas. From 1824 to 1836, San Felipe de Austin ws the social, economic and political center, as well as the first capital of the provisional government of Texas. Citizens burned the settlement’s original buildings in 1836 during the ‘Runaway Scrape’ retreat from Mexican Gen. Santa Anna’s army.

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