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Checking the wheel bearings

Evening Presentation

Interest at the garage

A Clean Engine Bay

15th October

We have two days in Giza and they have been a mixture of sight seeing and work on the car as well as meeting local people. After breakfast we walked from our hotel to the pyramids which have emerged from the smog so that we now have a pyramid view room. There was a little breeze. We took a horse and trap and had a bumpy but shady ride around.

Next job was to service the car - half at a garage over a pit and half in a field found for us by local car enthusiasts. The oil was changed, the hand brake adjusted and the wheel bearings checked.

In the evening we were invited to a reception by the Classic Car Club. Presentations were made and there were (non alcoholic) drinks and canapes, lots of chat and a view of the pyramids. We had dinner on our own for the first time on the rally on the roof of the hotel with a magnificent view of the pyramids.

16th October

The pyramids have been moved during the night. The smog is back.

The ignition switch has arrived! We have been invited to go on a boat trip on the Nile this evening. We have been here before so we are not going to bother with the centre of Cairo. It is smoggy enough here.

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