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Ghost town on Route 66



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Havasu Lake 5am

The mountains surrounding our camp

Daniel Boon

We awoke at 4am to catch the sunrise, it was chilly but calm and quiet, even with some many around it was a memorable moment. We left early to head through Route 66 and onto Lake Havasu.

We took the offramp into a bygone era driving some of the 2,400 miles of Route 66 to see how America traveled in the 1920's-60's. Route 66 was a highway spawned by the demands of a rapidly changing America. From 1933 to 1938 thousands of unemployed male youths from virtually every state were put to work as laborers on road gangs to pave the final stretches of the road. As a result of this monumental effort, the Chicago-to-Los Angeles highway was reported as "continuously paved" in 1938. The only road to go from coast to coast, many towns sprung up along the way out of necessity, until the road was decommissioned in the 70's due to a new interstate.

It was like going back in time, seeing the wonderful old Route 66 trading posts, filling stations, motels, tourist traps, diners and villages along the scenic "Mother Road". Slowing down we enjoyed the scents of new mown hay and hickory smoke drifting from the pit barbeque chimneys along the way. In making good time this morning, we were able to stop and stroll through villages which haven't changed since they were bypassed by the interstate highway decades ago. For lunch we sampled a real American hamburger and a rich, creamy malt that taste the way I remember as a kid.

A few more hours on the road and by 7pm we were finally at Havasu Lake. We all were tired and hot and having set up camp by the lake settled in to relax and get some much needed rest. Then a horrible evil lady came by telling us we were in her spot.... long story short we all had to pack and move to a much less desirable position on the paved recreation area. Noe of us were very happy after that. Apparently Suntrek have a bad name with some of the sites for partying and being nuisances (go figure). I talked everyone into going to the lake to cool off with a game of horse which was a good distraction.

It will be a challenge to sleep tonight at 41 degrees!

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