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Rocky Harbour, NL - Gros Morne RV Campground - Site 44

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 0 - 175 miles

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 1 - coming into Gros Morne NP

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 2

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 3 - a little fuzzy but had...

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 4

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 5

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 6

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 7

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 8

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 9

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 10

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 11

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 12

Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour 13

Gros Morne 1

Gros Morne 2

Gros Morne 3

Gros Morne 4

Gros Morne 5

Gros Morne 6

Gros Morne 7 - the Tablelands - so named for their smooth,...

Gros Morne 8

Gros Morne 9

Gros Morne 10 - Tablelands Trail 1

Gros Morne 11 - Tablelands Trail 2

Gros Morne 12 - Tablelands Trail 3

Gros Morne 13 - Tablelands Trail 4

Gros Morne 14 - Tablelands Trail 5

Gros Morne 15 - Tablelands Trail 6

Gros Morne 16 - Tablelands Trail 7

Gros Morne 17 - Tablelands Trail 8

Gros Morne 18 - Tablelands Trail 9

Gros Morne 19 - Tablelands Trail 10

Gros Morne 20 - Tablelands Trail 11

Gros Morne 21 - Tablelands Trail 12

Gros Morne 22 - Tablelands Trail 13

Gros Morne 23 - Tablelands Trail 14

Gros Morne 24

Gros Morne 25

Gros Morne 26

Gros Morne 27 - Trout River

Gros Morne 28

Gros Morne 29

Gros Morne 30

Gros Morne 31

Gros Morne 32 - Southeast Brook Falls Trail 1 - a nice...

Gros Morne 33 - Southeast Brook Falls Trail 2 - whoa!! what...

Gros Morne 34 - Southeast Brook Falls Trail 3 - we are...

Gros Morne 35 - Southeast Brook Falls Trail 4 - 26 more...

Gros Morne 36 - Southeast Brook Falls Trail 5 - the view...

Gros Morne 37 - Woody Point as seen from Norris Point with...

Gros Morne 38 - a closer shot of Woody Point

Gros Morne 39 - Norris Point on the Bonnie Bay

Gros Morne 40 - a more distant shot of Norris Point with...

Gros Morne 41 - Bonnie Bay

Gros Morne 42 - we are out at dusk hunting for moose

Gros Morne 43 - we found one!!!!

Gros Morne 44 - and two more!!!

Gros Morne 45

Gros Morne 46

Gros Morne 47 - she looks very healthy

Gros Morne 48 - they both posed nicely

Gros Morne 49 - Berry Head Pond Trail 1

Gros Morne 50 - Berry Head Pond Trail 2

Gros Morne 51 - Berry Head Pond Trail 3

Gros Morne 52 - Berry Head Pond Trail 4

Gros Morne 53 - Berry Head Pond Trail 5

Gros Morne 54 - Berry Head Pond Trail 6 - weird trunk...

Gros Morne 55 - Berry Head Pond Trail 7

Gros Morne 56 - Berry Head Pond Trail 8

Gros Morne 57 - Berry Head Pond Trail 9

Gros Morne 58 - Berry Head Pond Trail 10

Gros Morne 59 - Berry Head Pond Trail 11 - this is...

Gros Morne 60 - Lobster Cove 1 - the lighthouse

Gros Morne 61 - Lobster Cove 2 - the entrance to Bonnie...

Gros Morne 62 - Lobster Cove 3

Gros Morne 63 - Lobster Cove 4 - little Christmas trees about...

Gros Morne 64 - Lobster Cove 5 - Rocky Harbour on left...

Gros Morne 65 - Lobster Cove 6

Gros Morne 66 - Lobster Cove 7

Gros Morne 67 - Lobster Cove 8

Gros Morne 68 - Lobster Cove 9

Gros Morne 69 - Lobster Cove 10

Gros Morne 70 - Lobster Cove 11 - Rocky Harbour

It was an overcast, drizzly 175 miles from Grand Falls-Windsor to Rocky Harbour. We also had to pass through several construction zones, one where they had just sprayed fresh tar down. You know what that did to the Mothership and Libby. I'll probably never get it all off. We did manage to see two moose in one spot along the way before we got to the Deer Lake turnoff of the TCH - no pictures as it was unexpected and happened much too fast. The Mothership doesn't stop on a dime! As we turned off the TCH and started up 430, which is called the Viking Trail (you may have noticed that each road that isn't the TCH has a Trail name), the rain slacked off a bit but still just enough to mess up the windshield so please excuse the pictures as we entered Gros Morne National Park. We are staying at Gros Morne RV/Campground and have full hookups, good WiFi and good cell - maybe we ought to stay here the rest of our time in Newfoundland. :) We even have one broadcast TV Channel! Soon after getting set up we went to the park visitor's center and watched a short film, got maps, info and generally what we needed to see the park for the next two days.

Sunday was still overcast but we had two trails we wanted to hike so off we went. The first required us to backtrack a to where we had come into the park and then head to the Western side on highway 431 to the Tablelands. This area of the park is very unique in that it is almost completely barren where the rest of the park has lush green vegetation everywhere but the highest elevations. You almost think you are in Utah except the rocks are not red. Supposedly these mountains are actually the end of the Appalachian chain and have been ground down by glaciers, leaving rocks and boulders of different size strewn about. Our trail was about 4K round trip, back around to the foot of one of these glacier carved valleys. It exhibited the normal U-shape that glaciers cause and also had a stream coming down, very much like everything we saw last year in Alaska and Alberta except these glaciers have been long gone.

We then drove on down to Trout River just to see that area since it is the Western most point of the park and on the coast. It was very quaint much like we have seen elsewhere while in Newfoundland. The socks being sold on the street in front of home was a new one for us though. Next up we drove back about halfway to our campground to walk the Southeast Brook Falls. This was touted by the ranger staff as a leisurely 1K stroll round trip to see the falls. It was 1k and it did go to the falls, but leisurely stroll - NOT!!! It started off innocently enough with a slight upwards grade, but quickly became a game of going around and over boulders and then up and down stairs. We did finally make it and the falls were pretty but as we were at the top of a 200 ft precipice, we couldn't really see the full length of the falls. But it was good exercise anyway.

We came back to the campground, grilled out some chicken and just cooled it a while before going out about 7:00 p.m. to see if we could find some moose at dusk. Sure enough we found one cow about 15 minutes later as we headed North along 430. She headed back into the trees right after we got there but just a little ways further and we saw a cow and her calf also along 430. They stayed out for a good time and I was able to take a few pictures but it was difficult due to the low light conditions. I snapped about 50 just to get the few unblurry ones I posted. Thank god for digital cameras.

Monday we headed out hiking again - this time we did the Berry Head Pond Trail just a little South of where we saw the moose Monday night. Now this was a leisurely 2K stroll around a pond and through the adjacent forest. It was a very nice hike in the cool morning air. It was still overcast but no rain.

We then went to Lobster Cove which is next to Rocky Harbour on the point where Bonnie Bay starts inland. There a was pretty lighthouse there as usual and they also had some trails going down to the coastline that proved to be very scenic, allowing us to see Rocky Harbour and Boonie Bay, as well as the coastline North of the point. Afterwards we came back to camp and I spent the rest of the day getting this blog entry ready and getting the Mothership ready for our trip to Port Au Choix tomorrow for a one night stay. They don't have WiFi so that entry will not be posted until later, hopefully by Wednesday night.

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