Blue People, Red State - Winter 2010 travel blog

campground pool

enjoying the Ipad

Inks Lake golf course

2nd hole


We spent Easter quietly, away from the jelly beans, egg hunters and chocolate bunny ear nibblers. I enjoyed the campground pool overlooking Fallingstar Lake and Ken explored the wonders of the Ipad. It feels like we have bypassed spring and gone directly to summer with high humidity and temperatures in the mid 80's.

Once everyone went back to work and school, we hit the road and drove an hour west of Austin to the Hill Country. People are beginning to gather here for wildflower viewing, bluebonnets in particular. The bluebonnet, the state flower of Texas is a brilliant color and grows wild along the streets and byways. We've seen some fields full of them, too, but they are vulnerable to lawn mowers and grazing live stock. Bluebonnets are especially beautiful intermingled with red Texas paintbrush, yellow Black Eyed Susans and pink phlox. We have a feeling this is going to be a lot like leaf viewing during the fall in New England. We're researching the best viewing routes to drive, but took some time out for golf today at another wonderful Texas State Park- Inks Lake. The lake should have been a dead give away that we would have lots of water hazards to deal with. Unlike the desert golf courses with their sandy greens and rocky fairways, the courses here are covered with vegetation. But it's clover rather than grass and it is rearing up little yellow heads and blooming. We lost some balls even though we were on the fairway. Nothing fair about it.

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