Brad & Barb Wright - Southwest Trip 2009/2010 travel blog

Sound Barrier Wall along Highway in Scottsdale

Landscaping along Highway in Scottsdale

Remaining tent for high-end car auction - the other tent blew out...

Cacti along Highway

Coming down into Camp Verde

Sign for Distant Drums RV Park

Our coach at Distant Drums

View from our coach

View of Distant Drums RV Park from the Highway

We arrived in Camp Verde yesterday. It's just over 100 miles north of Tempe but much higher elevation. There are no Saguaro cactus up here. They can only grow at elevations less than 3000 feet. We are in what they call the high desert. The terrain is much harsher - a lot of rocks in the desert. The mountains up here are beautiful (more green growth on them than further south) as is the RV Park we are in. We have a beautiful view from our dining window. When the sun sets some of the mountains have a definite reddish tint and some are snow capped. After getting in yesterday afternoon we took a ride around the area. Brad kept saying to me after going around a curve or cresting a hill - "that would make a beautiful picture". As with the rest of the Southwest landscape, it's impossible to capture the scope and panorama of what you're seeing.

We will be staying here for a minimum of 3 nights, but will have to watch the weather as our next stop (hopefully!) will be Williams which is about 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon. When Brad called the KOA there on Saturday he was told they had 2 feet of snow from the storm a few days ago. They had 2 RV spots and 2 Kabins plowed out. There were no RV's in the park. She also told him that the Grand Canyon had 5 feet of snow from that storm. We will watch the weather forcast and speak to them again before we leave here to see what the conditions are.

I'm attaching a few pictures of what I took on the way up and from our ride yesterday.

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