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View at Our ´Breakfast' Stop

Breakfast Stop - The Road, Our Van

This is Where They Wash Dishes

Corn in Clearing - Typical of Lay of Land

View of Mtns - See Some of Clearings!?

View Inside Van (Combi)

On Way to Juchitan Stopped By a Fiesta Parade, Ha!

More of Parade & Float

Left S.J. del Pacifico 9am, stop 15min later for rest stop-brkfst. Great views of mtns, pines, deep valleys. Yesterday traveling up mtn I don´t think I ever have gone over more topos (speed bumps) in one 4 hrs stretch...today, never more turns, switchbacks, and curves...no part of highway went straight for more than 100 feet!, I swear! The 2 laner stuck close to the mtnside...straight up & down it seemed, almost totally covered with forest & undergrowth (alot of clear cutting going on, tho). A very unique and spectacular ride on hwy 175, every 3-5 seconds a new view!

S.J. del Pacifico to Pochutla to Tehuantepec where we got off thinking of staying here. Once we asked around tho we found out all buses to San Cristobel de las Casas leave from Juchitan. The first to leave are at 8am (Turns out all buses to las Casas leaving from Juchitan after 8am go late afternoon/eve...once in Tuxtla there are lots going to las Casas all day!) so we hopped a bus to Juchitan.

It should have been 20 min ride but got stopped by a fiesta parade (corn?!) and lots of horse drawn wagons-floats. So 45 min later into Juchitan where we bought tickets for Tuxtla at 8:50am tomor, then proceeded to walk into town ckg the 2 hotels along the way (both very expensive-480p for nothing). Ended up in Don Alex Hotel still costly at 450p but at least 2 beds, TV, and AC. It's very windy here so AC prob not nec at nite. People here do not seem friendly, but do seem very prosperous-lots of SUVs and much retail going on.

The more we travel the more we see the level of travel changing...from low cost backpacker types to higher end ´tourist´trips. Fewer people willing to go place to place with minimal conveniences thus encouraging govts & private people/investors I guess to 'upgrade', eliminating the cheaper options. Younger folks seem to have more money and others just travel shorter time so are apt to spend more $.

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