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Green Gables

A walk down Lovers Lane

Lobster rolls and Raspberry Cordial (I'm not kidding) al fresco in front...

LM Montgomery grave

Red cliffs at Cavendish

Typical PEI fishing village

The vintage-looking stove at Green Gables in the coffee-shop shed.

We got up this morning, did some chores, and then drove up the road to the National Historic Site at Green Gables, which is the house belonging to L.M. Montgomery's cousins, and which we used as the setting for the "Anne" books. We went through the house and property, and did the "Lovers Lane" trail as well, and didn't do the "Haunted Woods" trail. Everything fits very neatly with the descriptions in the book, and of course they have tried to make it as much like it was 100 years ago as they could. We then went up the next block into the Cavendish townsite, including the heritage post office, and onto the property of where L.M. Montgomery actually was brought up by her grand-parents. The old house is gone, but the property has been restored to it's old condition by the present owners - he is the 80 year old grandson of L.M.M.'s uncle. and he and his wife actually come talk to you about what they remember. They knew her, and were at her funeral in the 40s. The cellar of the old house is there, and all her favourite paths and gardens, so you get a very good sense of how the old area looked when she was writing about Anne and using the area as her backdrop. Even Malcolm enjoyed the history of the place. We walked from there across to the old church cemetary, where the author is buried with her husband.

I've put in one extra photo - there was a coffee shop at Green Gables, built into a reproduction shed. They had fresh baking, which was done on the antique-looking stove in its oven. When I queried them, they showed me the truth - it was an electric stove complete with four burners, made to look like a vintage stove. You lifted up the front panel on the top "warming oven" part to find the controls for the oven. Apparently anyone can buy these ovens, and they even come in a big 6-burner model. Gotta get me one (in my next house, of course).

We then drove over to see the little house where she was born, and the cousins' house where she was married from (it had closed for the day, so we couldn't take a "Matthew's Buggy Ride" around the "Lake of Shining Waters" - OK, folks, they have carried the Green Gables stuff a bit far here!

After all this, we headed back over to Charlottetown on the same road we'd done 2 days before, and spent the evening having a nice dinner and shopping (and camping) at Walmart!

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