Voyage of the Wayward Wind - 2009 travel blog

Our front yard at our Hershey campsite

Looking across the lake from our campsite at Hershey

Drew at Hershey

Thursday, July 2 to Thursday, July 9, 2009

7/2 Arrived at Deer Run Campground to find that 7 of the 12 rigs expected were already there. Also found out that we were being packed in like sardines. Oh well, it’s just for the weekend, and except for the proximity of our neighbors, it is a nice campground.

7/3 Yesterday we went with friends Woody and Linda Woodruff (and half the population east of the Mississippi) to Gettysburg. I had never been there and was anxious to see it. There is a new visitor center, and you must buy tickets to see anything inside other than the bookstore. The lines for tickets were LONG and the lines to get in to any of the displays or films were even L O N G E R. We didn't have enough time for all that. So we walked around the cemetery for half an hour and returned to Deer Run. We'll try again soon, I hope. All rally participants had arrived by the time we returned to the campground, and we enjoyed visiting during Happy Hour and the picnic dinner provided by our hosts. The campground had a DJ who played good music from 7 PM to 11 PM. HOWEVER, the music was piped through the speaker system in the park, and it was LOUD, and RVers go to bed at 9 PM!! I guess the Campground owners didn’t know that.

7/4 The hosts cooked a wonderful pancake breakfast this morning. We followed that with a very easy day of just visiting, reading, napping - all that retirement stuff. At 4PM, our group gathered for a number of games and trivia quizzes related to the celebration of Independence Day. Many of us discovered that we definitely aren’t as smart as a 5th grader! Woody also put on a terrific magic show. At 5 PM, we all purchased the BBQ dinner provided by the campground. For dessert, the Traveling Americans group had been asked to provide half a dozen cupcakes from each rig decorated to represent a favorite state. Then, before eating them, there was a contest to see who could identify the most states represented. I did Arizona using a saguaro symbol for identification. A band was playing music from 7 PM to 10 PM. They also orchestrated a number of games and contests for the large number of children in the park for this holiday weekend. By 10 PM everyone had taken their lawn chairs to the large field on the edge of the campground to watch the fireworks.

7/5 After a potluck breakfast, we broke camp and said our goodbyes. Just before leaving we had a surprise visit from Russell & Sandy Bishop who had driven up from Maryland for the day. They are members of this group, but Russell has been very ill (the big C) so they have not been able to attend many campouts over the past couple of years. It was wonderful to see them both, even if only for a few minutes.. . . We had hoped to move to another campground where we could “do” Gettysburg this coming week. However, that didn’t work out, so we decided to just go to the Thousand Trails park east of Hershey.

7/6-9 Our 5 days at Hershey were perfect. We had a beautiful, spacious site, the weather was perfect, and we did almost nothing - also perfect. We read, Drew cooked on the grill every night, we had a campfire and s’mores, we rode our bikes, we ate Hershey’s Ice Cream. Life was good! Even Dipt was a happy camper - lots of birds, rabbits and Canada Geese to keep him entertained.

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