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After grumbling that I had to get out of my warm bed at 4am, I was ready like superman before having to grudgingly wait 30 minutes for my 'Gone in 60 seconds' taxi driver. It seemed he had a suicide pact, but to his pleasure, and my displeasure, he did make up the time. A short four hour flight later and I was at the bus station in BsAs and a further hour later at my hostel.

Being Sunday, and 2 hours ahead of Lima it was now 4pm and all the shops were shut. Then the sun shone down two streets over, where outside my window I could see thousands of people. A few enquiries later as to what was going on I was off to visit the all day Sunday antique and craft market. This turns into a Tango fest where everyone goes out for dinner, a stroll and spontaneously dance where ever they may be. It was fantastic! There were bands walking through the crowds with their percussion, everyday people were dancing where they stood, there were artisans, bohemians, funky designers and antiquities galore.

I must have lost time as my tummy started to growl bringing me back to the staples, food! I met up with some Italian boys (!) whom invited me to a late lunch/dinner. There are still machanistic tendencies here as they refused to let me pay. I headed home a few hours later having made some lovely new friends, a spot of dancing and a big smile on my face. And to think the night had not even begun for most, peeps have dinner and everything gets swinging from 11pm onwards!

I ordered a small pizza and chocolate mouse downstairs then retired to my room to watch a DVD simply exhausted! What a wonderful day!

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