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Prince George, NC - Hartway RV Park - Site 26

I love seeing this "Completed" banner across a construction project sign!

Hazelton to Prince George Scenery 1

Hazelton to Prince George Scenery 2

Hazelton to Prince George Scenery 3

Hazelton to Prince George Scenery 4 - you can see where this...

Hazelton to Prince George Scenery 5

Hazelton to Prince George Scenery 6

Hazelton to Prince George Scenery 7 - guess what? The "Completed" banner...

Hazelton to Prince George Scenery 8

We managed to get out of K'san Campground about 7:20 this morning and though the trip was lengthy (279 miles in six hours), it was pretty pleasant. We had a few construction areas but no real delays and more importantly, only one very short patch of gravel! We purchased our lowest price gas since coming back into Canada today. It was 1.069 per liter which works out to 3.84 U.S. per gallon at today's conversion rate. We payed 1.219 per liter (4.34 US per gallon)at Nugget City and that was our highest price paid. Diesel is about 15 cents per liter cheaper than gas here in Prince George! Food is also very high here. Many things cost about twice what we pay in Florida, some much higher. Chicken breasts were 8.00 CDN per pound today. Even with the exchange rate that's still 7.60 US! Cokes were 4.00 per 12 pack PLUS .60 deposit. Block cheese is running about 8.00 per pound. I just hope these canucks make good wages.

We are staying at Hartway RV Park about six miles north of Prince George. It is a nice little park but the spaces are just a little crowded as you can see in my pic. We have full hookups, cable, WiFi and I was able to get our DirecTV sighted in and we have cell service - ALL SYSTEMS GO!!! The only problem is we didn't make reservations even though this is a weekend as we didn't expect an RV Park to be a destination park with all of the government campgrounds in the area and we were only able to get tonight - no room in the inn tomorrow night. So we will be heading to McBride tomorrow as that is our last stop before entering Jasper National Park on Tuesday.

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