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Olive grove



Logging stump(not allowed any more)

Narrow road

From whence we came

Less trees the higher we go


Hume lake-partially frozen


On the beach



Mule deer print on beach



Find the camp lake June water level


Walking on the lake bed



Now begin Sequoia NF



Raging white water

See the hand rail-thigh burner

Trough up close and at a distance






Notice the change - dense forest

Limestone cave

The over 12,000' ridge


A frozen pond

The end of the way

TALL trees

Partially frozen waterfall

Bridged across the road

This writing includes two days of spectacular scenic adventures! The giant sequoia groves are protected by the Forest Service. The landscape provided us with soaring granite faces, glacier carved canyons, limestone caves, and roaring white water. There is even more to be seen; however, unplowed roads held us at bay!

From the San Joaquin Valley to 7500 feet elevation, blue skies were the backdrop for panoramic views. Wait 'til you see the pictures. The highest ridge is over 12,000 feet. We were puzzled by the "trough" winding its way down a mountain side and even bridged across the road at one point. Hydroelectricity is being harnassed by one of the several rivers in the forest.

Some of the most interesting hikes, vistas, and sequoia groves weren't accessible due to snow-boo hoo!

Kings Canyon was formed by a huge glacial movement. Again, our travels were limited by snow. Nevertheless, we immensely enjoyed this trek. If any of you have an opportunity to travel, take time to stop at the visitor's center. The information aids one's understanding of the area and the presentation is thorough and concise. Cars (particularly Cal plates)whiz by allowing the natural beauty to pass them by. That said, I do understand the need to cram all one can into a specific vacation time slot.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Visalia Farmer's Market. Now this was a real farmer's market! Who left the camera at home? We saw vegetables, canned jellies,nuts and dried fruits previously only viewed in magazines! A lovely young farmer and wife grow variations of brocolli and cauliflower. Doesn't lemon marmelade on an English muffin sound scrumptious?

Stay tuned for the St. Patrick's day parade in Visalia.

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