Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

PUSH!!! ;o)

Layin eggs..

Where's my gas 'n air!???

All done and she's figured out which way the sea is...finally!

Kermit droppped in for a star appearance!

...and his mate - RIBBIT! WELL cute!

Only stopped here for 1 night but got to go and see the turtles coming up on land to lay their eggs - amazing! You get driven to a little centre next to the beach at night and they tell you what you're about to see etc and they keep you in the centre until a researcher radio's through and says that there is something to see. A guide then takes you down to the beach to look. A few hours went by and we thought it wasn't going to happpen and in the end one of the researchers just said 'Look, I'm going to take you all down there anyway and show you where a nest used to be, at least you can see some old eggs ay?'.

We got to the beach and he started to uncover a nest until someone suddenly said 'TURTLE!'. Turns out that one had decided to start crawling up out of the surf to make the trek up the beach to lay her eggs! As we sat and watched this turtle slowly drag herself up the beach ANOTHER started to emerge, THEN ANOTHER ONE so in the end we had FOUR at once all coming up the beach, it was wickid!!!

We watched her lay her eggs before faffing for ages and then dragged herself back to the sea. They follow the brightest light and hope that thats the reflection off the sea, its just that sometimes they see a white t-shirt and think that thats the moon! Doh! They weigh approx 120kgs a piece and just have flippers to drag 'emselves around!

It was such an amazing thing to see and there was even a local film crew promoting the event and filming everyone having a peek.

Oh, and as a little bonus we saw some harmless green frogs on the way back to the bus! (And NOOO martin I'm not bringing one home for you to disect!)

Hope ya like the piccies,

Speak soon,


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