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Today is the official start of the Lazy Daze rally. Several more rigs arrived during the morning and early afternoon. It rained again most of the day so we couldn’t sit outside, as we normally do. We always have a good time regardless of the weather, though. We joke about Lazy Daze weather. :>)

Most of us went to the Homestead traditional crafts village, “Brazos de Dios”, for lunch. We didn’t walk around much because of the rain, though. We made plans to return later. I bought some cheese, dip and other things for our finger food potluck tonight. Then I went along “for the ride” with Mary Ellen and Barbara to the Czech Stop Bakery in West. They bought some goodies for breakfast. I browsed the store and saw some jalapeño peanut brittle. Of course, I couldn’t resist buying a small package to try. It is very good.

After dinner tonight we had birthday cake and ice cream to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the club. All the charter members posed for pictures in front of the birthday cake. The lady who made the cake had visited the Lazy Daze RV Web site and copied a photo of one so she could get the cake exactly right. She did an excellent job and the spice cake was very tasty, too.

After the meal some of us played a couple of games of Mexican Train. I won the first game and was thoroughly trounced on the second! That’s the way it goes. It’s mostly luck.

By the time I got to bed it was after midnight.


Today several of us went to the Homestead village again for lunch. It was still raining off and on. I had a bowl of the sweet potato soup with jalapeños and turkey bacon bits. Wow! What a taste treat! My taste buds are still dancing. :>) I bought some oatmeal cookies for our potluck dinner tonight. They disappeared in record time.

After lunch most of the group walked around the village but, because my back was acting up, I returned to the campground with Mel and Joyce Grimm. We all had already seen the demonstrations during previous visits anyway.

I called one of the businesses, whose numbers Helen had given me, to ask about inspecting my vehicles. The man told me that he could inspect them but that I would have to sign an affidavit stating that I would have them re-inspected in Livingston. That was out of the question, of course. He said that no one in the area has the equipment for the emissions test because the machines cost about $100,000. This means that I’ll have to go back to McClain’s RV in Fort Worth, assuming it isn’t still raining on Friday.

Later in the afternoon I went with several others to see the little goat herd at the I-35 RV Park. Two Great Pyrenees dogs were guarding the herd. One of the nannies had given birth to twins just a few hours earlier. They were still lying in the grass, not yet strong enough to stand up. Another nanny had given birth to one kid yesterday and was trying to deliver another one but seemed to be having trouble. Someone in our group told the park owner but he didn’t seem to be concerned.


It finally stopped raining this afternoon and we even had a little bit of sunshine. At last we were able to sit outside for a while. Even though I was in the shade, my face was sunburned a little.

This afternoon some of us went back to check on the goats. The nanny that was having trouble yesterday was in even worse condition today. She was very obviously in great distress and she had not nursed the first kid since its birth. We were very concerned by now. I stopped a workman who was mowing the grass near the goat pasture and told him about the nanny. He agreed that she needed help, so he drove up to the office to report it. The man in the office finally called a veterinarian to come. The vet said that there were three more kids! Sadly, all three had died in the uterus. They were all tangled together and, when he tried to pull them out, the nanny’s uterus ruptured. There was nothing else to do except to euthanize her. I feel so sad about the tragedy. They all might have been saved had the owner acted yesterday. The only bright spot in this story is that another nanny accepted the orphaned kid. This is unusual.

I called McClain’s RV to ask about the possibility of having my vehicle inspections done tomorrow. The weather forecast was encouraging. I also called Camping World to make an appointment for some service work on my motorhome. The only time available for tomorrow was 8:30. I had to cancel my visit with Helen and Van. I was disappointed that the inspection issue had interfered with our plans.

Tonight we went to KD’s Smokehouse in West for dinner. The service was slow, so I was about ready to start eating the napkins by the time the food arrived!

After dinner we had our regular rally meeting. Part of it included door prizes. Mine was the first name drawn out of the bowl. I received a Texas Two-Step Nut Cracker and a 25-foot self-centering measuring tape. Since I needed to get up very early tomorrow, I bid my friends good-bye and got my rig ready for the road.

At this rally I picked up several books from our book exchange. I rarely find more than one or two that interest me. Now I’m set for reading materials for quite a while. I started with Cracking Da Vinci’s Code by James L. Garlow and Peter Jones. They provide factual answers to the many deceptions and outright lies presented in The Da Vinci Code.

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