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peaceful spot

We got leisurely a start. There was more Olympic coverage to watch - Yay Michael! The house needed to be cleaned - this will be greatly appreciated when we return home. And most importantly the last minute items needed to be moved to the motor home. What have we forgotten?

So it was after lunch when we hit the road. Shortly after we got on I-80 the traffic came to a stop. Ken turned on the new CB he had just installed and we learned that a vehicle was on fire ahead. We saw the heavy black smoke of its burning tires long before we crept up to it. A semi was hauling a tractor on its trailer and the trailer tires had ignited. The flames shot up above the tractor and it was easy to imagine that it would ignite as well The truck driver had wisely detached his cab from the trailer so if worst came to worst, he could still drive away. As we crawled past the inferno we crossed our fingers that it wouldn't explode.

In Indiana we came to a stop again. The CB'ers reported that a truck had driven off the bridge over I-94 and was lucky not to have fallen onto the highway below. It was hard to tell how and why this accident had occurred, but again it was fortunate that the driver was OK, chatting on his cell by the side of the road.

It was time to leave the excitement of the expressway. We drove a two lane road past bucolic farms with lush green fields the last fifty miles. We're camped at a spot we visited once before, when we attended a rally of Montana trailer owners. It was disorienting to be parked in a field with 150 other RV's that looked identical to ours. It would have been so easy to accidentally walk into a someone else's trailer - and we hadn't even had anything to drink. We've come here this time to visit our favorite Amish carpenter who has been building a book case and table that flips out of the wall. Hope the drive tomorrow is less eventful.

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