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Nice quiet country lane. You can see our fire - we had...

This is what they bought it for. Hunting land. They have mowed...

We traveled the red roads to get here - mostly US 12 thru the farmland of southern MI. We arrived at the campground about 11 am. They were not ready for anyone to pull in. Office staff was in town - but had left a note where we were to be parked. So maintenance could park us.

The campground is called Apple Creek and is pretty nice. A lot of huge pine trees and a lot of permanent campers. They also like to add charges for things like WIFI, AC, and we are paying $28 for only water and electric. We will make it up by boondocking as we head back to AZ. The good part is that it is only 4 miles from our daughter.

We are the only ones in the whole campground that are not parked cheek to jowl next to one another. We are parked by the old garage in our own clearing in the pine trees. We can get out with our satellite dishes and have a huge parking place. But can only see other campers in the distance. COOL!! We had made reservations and are glad we did as this place is packed on the holiday weekend.

After we got set up and registered (when the gals came back from town) we headed to BB to have the computer checked. The Geek fired it up, punched a couple of buttons and it was good to go. He said it had been caught in a loop when trying to shut down and needed a hard start. (I had done that several times but he had the magic, I guess.) So we are now a two computer family once again.

Sara stopped by on her way home from work and then we followed her home to her new-to-them house. They have been working hard re-habbing a 3 bedroom ranch. The first thing they did was to evict a family of raccoons from the attic and repair the damage inside and out to the house. The house had been rented for several years and had not been maintained. So there was/is a lot of work to be done.

They have turned the middle bedroom into a really nice laundry/bath and used the closet from that room to add a big closet in the master bedroom. They still have to put in the floor and the vanity in the new bath but the house is livable. The master and guest bedroom have been repaired and painted and the hardwood floors refinished.

The kitchen will be expanded by taking out the original tiny bathroom and making the tub area a good sized storage cabinet for all her baking pans and kitchen appliances. It will also add some more space to the dining area.

The living room as been expanded by taking out the laundry room and hall that was in one end. That will be replaced with a shorter wall with built-ins for TV and display space.

"Someday" a big master bedroom and great room will be built on the back but for now it suits them just fine. The best part is that it is on 11 acres and has a huge barn for storage and the dogs.

Ron and I have been helping a bit by cutting up and burning garbage trees that they cut down last February. We are helping make an exercise run for the dogs. (They have two black labs now and hope to starting raising and training puppies next spring.)

We had a great time seeing the new digs. We made some flower beds and burned a lot of brush. Plus it was great to see the kids.

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