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salty car

dirty motor home

Tennessee River

Since we made it to the Eastern time zone yesterday, we set our clocks accordingly and went to bed, resolving to get up early. The late cold related departure would continue to have repercussions today. We wanted to make it to Atlanta before rush hour. Unfortunately our clock is smarter than we were. When we neared Louisville we returned to the Central time zone and our bedroom clock reset itself accordingly. I wondered why I felt so good when we got up so early - because we slept as late as always. So we made it to Atlanta in the middle of rush hour. The traffic was nothing we haven't seen at home, but we don't usually drive through rush hour in Chicago with a 40 foot bus and car hitched behind it.

But otherwise the drive was uneventful, which after all the cold related adventures we've been having, was a good thing. Our lunch stop overlooked the Tennessee River. The blue sky and sunshine made it a lovely spot and we were glad to see the water at a normal level after reading so much about drought conditions in this area. However, when we stepped out the door, it was still much too cold to have a picnic. With temps slightly above freezing, Ken could finally clean the salt streaks from the windshield so that he could see where we were going once again. The rest of the motor home and the tow car would have to remain coated with salt. As we drove along, it was easy to recognize fellow refugees from the frigid north with this same gray look. I regarded it as a badge of honor but a dirty rig makes Ken crazy. Here's hoping we will arrive in Florida before sunset so he can get out the hose and start scrubbing. With an eye to good matrimonial relations, perhaps I should help!

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