Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

Ferry to Grand Manan Island


We were on the little ferry

Anne knitted on the aft deck (socks for Audrey)

Our van was deep in the ship

A whale

One of the many lighthouses on Grand Manan


An old one room school

Our campsite at Anchor Park

Our hike to red point


It was like a soft carpet

Another lighthouse


Ships are vulnerable


On the way back on the big ferry

Leaving Rock Harbor

We had a 90 minute ride back to the mainland on the...

Pets were allowed on the outside deck


We encountered marine life on this trip. Here are 2 dolphins.

A whale came very close to the ship



The whale's hump

Look under the water to see the greenish-white of the whale's underside

Camp at Fundy National Park BEFORE the rain.

Trees right next to our campsite


Low tide the next morning

Tom met Don, a view camera photographer

We decided to change our agenda and took the ferry on Wednesday morning to Grand Manan Island, about an hour and a half boat trip. The guidebook said that a person would either really like it - or not - with no in-between. Well, Tom liked it and Anne did not. It feels like the locals are ho-hum about visitors, and do not put up adequate signage, or even accurate signage. This was frustrating, especially on a hike the next morning to a geological area called Red Point. The trail went along very nicely and ended with no indication of how to actually get to Red Point itself. We were ready to leave by Friday morning, took the ferry back to the mainland, and ended up bypassing Saint John, NB - we were not ready for a big city - and drove on to Fundy National Park, where there is a nice campground.

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