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Today we drove through Spearfish Canyon and walked the streets of Deadwood. Deadwood is the right name for the town at this time of year. Not too many people there today. Not like when Sturgis is in full swing. Of course, I did try my hand at the slots and Kevin Costner's place was very good to me. I got $30.00 out of his machines. But, as always, I have to try and win more so he got some back.

We missed most of the color in the canyon. We are about a week too late the trees have already lost most of their leaves.

Last night the furnace thermostat quit working. Brrrr. I guess it IS time we get on home. We do have two furnaces in the coach and the bedroom one still works. So we called ahead and will get a new one in Billings on Wednesday. We should have all the kinks worked out by the time we get home! (Tee hee)

Long day ahead tomorrow. Spearfish to Billings, Montana. We are thinking that we will be home on Friday.

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