Anthony's Wild West 2007 travel blog

The toilet chopper at work

Last view of Havasupai Falls ;(

Tourist luggage on the move

Our canyon top landing pad

Route 66

Ye olde jail

Route 66 diner

Route 66

Customised Harley Davidson

So today we leave Havasupai, a sad day, as it is a lovely place, despite the litter and the very overweight Native Americans. Because of where we are, there are no roads into here, so everything is either flown in or packed in on mules (or carried by tourists). This turns out to include the chemical toilets, and I was much amused to see them flying through the air this morning. What I wanted to know was how they could be sure there wasn't anyone in them when they picked them up?!

So we packed up, I had a last chill out at Havasupai Falls while Erica walked on ahead, two miles to the village, not too hot this time in the morning. Options for getting back to the car: Another 8 miles walking back across the hot desert and zigzagging up the canyon wall - free; the same on a mule for $75 and not any quicker; $85 in a helicopter, there before you know it. Let me think....helicopter! And a lot of fun it was, though we had to wait a bit as it ferried construction material and toilets around the canyon. It was Erica's first time in a helicopter, and she enjoyed it a lot, and I enjoyed it more than I have done before.

And then we drove to Flagstaff, along Route 66 via Seligman, all very entertaining. Flagstaff is kind of nice, slightly Bohemian, and actually has a town centre you can walk around and hang out in, which we did, even being able to drink beer. We are in a hostel full of yoof, which makes us both feel a bit old, but we are coping. Throughout dinner we were completely deafened by the very noisy and huge American trains passing through Flagstaff. These are quite something to see, and as our hostel is yards from the train track, we are going to be hearing a lot more of them tonight.

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