2007 Pacific Coast Trip travel blog

Lake Kaweah on the way to Sequoia National Park

Tunnel Rock in Sequoia National Park

Now this was a big tree!

The General Sherman tree - the largest living tree on earth by...

A Black Bear in a meadow in Sequoia

Look at the size of the limbs on the General Sherman tree

King's Canyon

We left Yosemite and stayed two nights in Lemoncove, CA, about eighteen miles from the entrance to Sequoia National Park. We thought we had seen some big trees in Washington and in the Redwoods, but the Sequoias had them all beat. The Redwoods we saw in northern California are often taller thean the Sequoias, but the Sequoias can get much bigger around and can be much older.

We have been on some really interesting roads along the way. Going back to our campground from Sequoia NP we decided to take California Hwy 245. There were 31 miles of switchbacks!

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