Jade's Big Trip 2006 travel blog

Monaco Grand Casino

Partying after Monaco


In Nice on the French Riviera


Heading in for a swim



Heading into Italy

Square of Miracles at Pisa, yep and THAT Tower...

I just had to do it...

Souveniers at Pisa...well, Michaelangelo's David is not far away

Me and Ben at the Red Garter in Florence

James and I followed on with Illusions...

Heading back on the bus after a few drinks

And then the room parties



Michaelangelo's David

In Florence





Karaoke at Space disco in Florence

Tanya, Corrie, James and me in Space

Me and Kodak

Into Rome...the Colesseum


The Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

Throwing the coin in...

The Panthenon

St Peters Basilica (in the Vatican) by night

All set for Vatican City

In the Vatican

I'm here in Venice loving the quaint little cobblestoned streets, where there are no cars anywhere on any of the 117 islands that make up Venice. Its water taxis, public boats or gondolas or use your own feet to get you where ever you want to go.

I went on a Gondola ride earlier today and it was just fabulous! So quiet and peaceful, gliding along the narrow canals, plastic cup of red wine in hand!

I have a really dreadful cold and cough that I haven't been able to shake for weeks (which I have been cursing) but it was a blessing in disguise today...everyone was complaining about how much the canals, and Venice in general, stinks...but I couldn't smell a thing and just enjoyed the ambience!

The missing guy from my tour has now been located in a Florence hospital, not sure of the entire story but there was apparantly amounts of cocaine involved...I'm sure you can connect the dots...

I'm finding it a bit quiet without my roomie gone with the pox and I have no one else to miss the bus with, the responsibility is all mine!!

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