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Beach at Cabo de Palos, La Manga in the distance

Lighthouse at Cabo de Palos

View from restaurant Cabo de Palos

Ah well you can now see from the map that I am just to the east of Cartagena. For those that know the tackier parts of Spain, this means that I am at La Manga, for those that have never heard it, there is a big golf resort in the area and squillions of high rise hotels/holiday apartments. This is one time when the fact that campsites are always on the edge of somewhere (well almost always) is a total blessing. My site is at the bottom of La Manga, so I can see all the ugly stuff across the water, but it is not all around me. You might wonder why I am here, if I dislike this kind of place so much well there are 2 reasons. The first is that I prepaid for 20 nights on campsites with an organisation called camping cheques and it's about time I started to use them! They had very few sites in the north or west of the country, but there will be more as I go north. The second reason is that Murcia apparently has more sunshine than any other part of Spain, I am now starting to see the signs of summer really ending, it's getting dark by 8.30, it is quite cool in the evenings and I have had three straight days of cloud. Mind you, the cloud cover hasnt stopped it being warm and I have spent my days here in a bikini. So basically, after all that running around sightseeing, and driving (I've now driven over 3,000 miles in Ducky) I'm having a little holiday, and hanging on to the sun. I just know that in a week's time, when I have driven further north the chances of sunbathing will be few and far between.

So what is it like here, well today I cycled to a place called Cabo de Palos, which is maybe 4 miles south. Jane helped me get there - more about her later. The place had a nice old lighthouse and a good long golden enough beach with few people on it. I had a swim, watched the waves crashing in, looked at the lighthouse and then had a 3 course lunch on a terrace that opened striaght onto the beach. The beach was fronted by houses and the whole place was very untouristy, but in the distance I could see the crowds on La Manga's beach MORE FOOL THEM!! Time to cycle back and I asked Jane to take me home (having set my campsite as home before I left( no route avaialble for cycling walking or driving apparently. Many times when I have used her to get somewhere I dont pay much attention to the route, just look at the sights, so I was not impressed. Luckily I found my way home OK, and got tooted at lots of times by blokes passing me, I must look quite good from the back, cycling in my bikini top, it hasnt happened in years. After that I spent the afternoon on the beach at the site, which is dotted with palms and leads into the lagoon (sea water divided from the Med by the thin strip of land know as La Manga)it was only a few feet deep a long way out and is still, be a great place for kids.

And what has this got to do with La Musica, well I forgot to say yesterday that I've been singing to myself a lot while driving alone. And some odd stuff too!! Anyone remember the Wombles 'underground, overground wombling free'! Well I've sung that to myself when crossing ground that takes me through tunnels and over viaducts at regular intervals. 'She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes' has been sung more than once as I drove round one mountain side after the other (and it reminded me of singing it in Cuba around New Year sitting on the back of a horse and cart with Penni and another girl, except that was a rude version we all made up on the day!). But mostly, just lately I've found myself singing an old Phil Collins number 'Just another day in paradise.

Ho hum it's a hard life, I have to move tomorrow, north towards Autumn and day I have to come home and start earning a living again.


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