South Africa - Spring 2006 travel blog

In our six days at home we have unpacked our trailer, visited with friends, family and our beloved kitty, and filled four suitcases with the things we hope will be useful while we are in South Africa. We have purchased a special international cell phone. You can purchase chips to put inside for almost any country in the world. Right now we have a chip for South Africa with a corresponding number. If we return to Mexico next winter, a new chip will keep us connected with a Mexican number. Very cool!

Ken has been busy putting our new podcast on the web. You can listen to it by going to RV Navigator. We will be sharing our experiences, what we've learned as RV'ers, and gathering ideas and suggestions from future listeners. Most likely we will not be able to add any South Africa episodes until we return, but it you've been missing the sound of our voices or would like to learn about the RV lifestyle, take a listen.

Ken says that I always need something to worry about. That may be true. Right now I am worried about the impending pilots strike at Delta. Our flight to South Africa is on South African Airlines, but we fly to Atlanta on Delta to catch it. Everytime I fly anywhere, I worry about lost luggage. Our carry-ons weigh almost as much as our suitcases. I am also worried about malaria. The last part of our itinerary is in malaria infested areas. We have left over pills from our last visit to Africa which caused us no side effects, but they are not the recommended pill at the moment. We bought the recommended medication in Mexico, but the dosage is not quite right, and the warnings on the web mention things like convulsions if you take the wrong amount. Perhaps I can just walk around in a mosquito net burka...

I will be taking photos with one of Ken's hand-me-down telephoto lenses. He, of course, has purchased a new even longer one; it only weighs three pounds. You can look forward to a close up shot of an elephant's eyeball.

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