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The town

View over Queenstown after our hike

more view

the "Speed Demon" on his luge

More Speed Demon- you think he's a candidate for the Olympics?

No, it's not one of us- but it does look fearsome.....

With Mystery Machine all fixed up, we arrived in Queenstown ready for a little break after our tramp. It sure was good to sleep in a cabin all to ourselves, and a nice warm shower didn't hurt either! Queenstown is definitely a little resort town, and very pretty. We especially enjoyed seeing some fall foliage, although nothing near the beauty of Vermont. We visited the local market along the lake front and Anja bought some pottery, a mug from this man who collected his own clay (four different kinds and apparently the South Island is one big clay pit)- so we now literally have a piece of New Zealand with us.

The place was pretty small, we even ran into two guys we walked on the Kepler Track with. Neat small world stuff. Thank goodness we stopped in to the visitor center because that's the only way we discovered it was daylight savings time. We enjoyed the extra hour when we turned the clocks back by watching some of the Commonwealth Games on TV. They are taking place in Melbourne Australia, and are similar to the Olympics but for these countries. Okay, can you guess which countries are Commonwealths??? We didn't even know this event existed, it's been fun to watch these countries like India, Canada, Jamaica, Cook Islands, Ghana and other similar smaller countries perform in these summer games. For example, one game that has us totally perplexed is netball! It's only played by women, and is similar to basketball, but no dribbling, or blocked shots. It seems so funny to us that the players pass the ball to a person standing right next to the basket (which does not have a backboard by the way) and the defense just lets them shoot. Must be something in the rules we don't understand???!! The same can be said for rugby, cricket, field hockey, synchronized swimming, and indoor cycling on these bikes that have to be held by another person before starting. But we're learning!

We did take part in one 'extreme' activity of sorts, but it was pretty weak. No skydiving or bungy jumping. Tim decided to do the luge (alpine sledding) for the first time while Anja enjoyed chuckling at him cruising down the track and taking pictures. We had walked to the top of a large hill, thinking it would stretch out those muscles from our long hike, but we were so sore we ended up taking the gondola down. The views were pretty nice, looking across to the Remarkable Mountains. A wedding was taking place in the restaurant and viewing area, so seeing tourists combined with all these really dressed up people was kind of funny.

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