Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Helen on xmas day

Dogs and their trees!

Big prawns after turkey

Aussie ant eater shows up xmas day

Christmas dinner is polished off

The singing and drinking gets underway

One of the views from the Dandedongs

Roo's in Cardinia dam park

The relly's get photo at the top Dandedong mountain

Warnie struggles to find a place to keep his mobile

Last day and time for a couple of beers at mornington

Blow your nose for gawds sake!

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Christmas message.

23rd and we had a fab lazy day watching movies with Aimee until she had to go to work so we carried on the movie marathon without her. Pam took us on a tour of the Cardinia dam where we saw kangaroo's and their joeys.

Christmas eve wasn't much different to the day before very lazy and very nice! We stayed up late watching Love Actually and having one too many.

Christmas day was very nice. Helen was a little ill after drinking Pepsi too early in the morning and it repeating with the alcohol of the night before!

Bob and Betty (Pam and Roger's friends) came around lunchtime, as did Sian and her boyfriend Mark. Presents were opened when everyone arrived and P& R had been extremely kind and bought us presents to open which made us feel even more part of the day at their house which was a great feeling for the both of us.

Roger cooked both a massive joint of pork and a turkey buffe on two BBQ's and they where done to perfection. Had xmas dinner with 'all the trimmings' and then tucked into some beautiful king prawns that Bob had brought round.

The oldies kicked into some booze and '60's tunes whilst the young ones crashed out with the xmas DVD's. Poor Aimee had to go to work at 5pm on xmas day!!

Boxing day, up early to go to the boxing test cricket test match - a national institution in Oz - 70,000 people there The afternoon wickets went a little slow and after a couple of beer's Paul managed to nod off - which he called a planned power nap - yeah right! He woke up when the crowd cheered as Ricky Ponting make a century. It sped up a little after that as 7 aussie wickets fell so not a bad day all round.

Next day we went up to Bob ands Betty's for a cracking BBQ with just about every meat and salad you could think of! The day was a scorcher though at around 34oC and with no breeze in the back garden the beer and heat was taking it's toll - so it was back home for a much-needed dip in the pool.

Our full last day ended with a trip around the Dandedong mountains where Pam and her family live which had some beautiful little villages and lovely scenery. In the afternoon we took a trip out to the coast to the Mornington Peninsula for a stroll, a couple of beers and fish and chips - it doesn't get much better than that!

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