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Thursday night a group of us girls went out for cocktails at this cute little bar (across from the Odeon Cinema) that had sushi and desserts set up as appetizers. Sarah, Anna, and I took so long getting ready that we missed the food, but I got the prettiest (and best-tasting) mojito i have ever had. Afterwards, we went to the club DolceZucchero, where, thanks to Cal, we were VIP. This means nothing except that we get our own table and couches on an elevated section of the floor, so we did nothave to deal with any creepy Italians.

Yesterday (Friday), we invited the boys' apartment and another of our friends, Jennifer, over for dinner. Sarah and I went to the market and bought all of the fresh ingredients yesterday afternoon, which was so fun again this time. We made fresh pesto again and used it onur bruschetta. Cal made a mixed salad and we had fresh fruit salad with kiwi, nectarine and prickly pear fruit (which are incredible colors on the inside). We also had fresh baked bread with olive oil, and, of course, a tomato mozzerella salad. For the main course, we had three different kinds of pasta and fresh steamed broccoli. We made pumpkin ravioli with a sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce, spinach-ricotta ravioli with a pepperoncini (spicy) tomato sauce, and vermicelli with pepperoncini-garlic infused olive oil sauce. It was all so good!!! We were all so full that we didn't even break open the gelato that we had bought for dessert.

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