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Gene and Sylvia

Big Mountain

K and M at Big Mountain

Whitefish Lake

After another full day of driving we gratefully pulled into Whitefish RV Park, which is located behind the Cheap Sleep Motel. Even though Ken had read that going north of I-90 meant that we would be outside the footprint of our satellite dish, he didn't want to believe it and we spent over an hour inching our trailer back and forth in our campsite, switiching to another campsite, and then switching to another campsite, all to no avail. Our dish kept rotating and probing, but we remained without an internet connection. Since we will be here for almost two weeks, being rendered incommunicado now that our adventures are really beginning and the scenery is spectacular is kind of a bummer. If you are reading this, we have managed to finagle an internet hot spot somewhere. In the meantime I'll keep write and post when I can...

About fifty miles of our drive was on the coast of Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. The weather must be much milder around this area than I thought, perhaps because of the lake. We passed peach and cherry orchards and huckleberries for sale at roadside stands. It has probably been twenty years since we made this drive and I couldn't get over how built up the Kalispell area has become. I remember it as being very rural and remote and now it was one Best Western, after Borders, after Taco Bell, after another. The traffic was heavy even though the road is now five lane. I'm guessing that most tourists are in the area to visit Glacier National Park just as we are. I've read that we are loving our national parks to death. Perhaps that is the case here.

One of our regrets when we left the Elgin area in 1991 was all the friends we left behind. As we have continued to move to more southern suburbs, we see these people who knew us before we had wrinkles less and less. It was with great joy that we met up with Gene and Sylvia Tester, friends so old they knew us before we were even married. They happened to be here for a wedding and it was a joy to catch up on new developments and old times with them. We took a drive up to the ski resort north of Whitefish called Big Mountain and took a gondola to the top. The view from 7,000 on a crystal clear day was amazing.

Sunday we will move to a ski lodge on Big Mountain for an Elderhostel based in Glacier National park. It should be a great place to spend a week!

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