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It was nice landing on a small tropical island again. The runway is HUGE for such a tiny island. Apparently, Rapa Nui is one of the alternate locations for the space shuttle to land in case it can't make Florida.

We hadn't pre-booked a place to stay, so while the bags were being off loaded, we shopped at the many hotel desks located in the tiny arrivals hall. Eventually, we opted to stay at a small, cozy cabana about 20mins walk from town. The place was decorated with items from other countries including beanbag chairs from morocco and a rice paper umbrella cum lamp shade from Thailand. It was neat. The layout was very much like a bachelor pad, complete with its own kitchen. This was great, as eating out on the island could easily be a hit on the budget if you weren't careful.

After a short nap, we headed for town. There isn't an official siesta, but the town was pretty much shut down for business when we got there at about 2pm. We found a small restaurant located by the water and had the special of the day --kana kana fish with rice. It was plenty of food and was very delicious!!!

We then headed along the beach, checking out the various Ahu located within a short walk of town.

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