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Casa Blanca

Phare Blanca

Mosqua Blanca

Nice tiles

Not eating here

Casablanca is more of a service stop than a visited destination, I came here to try to get myself immunised for Yellow Fever and possibly pick up a couple of visas into the bargain. I was also intending to spend New years eve here but after one day I thought better of that and booked a bus to Essaouira. I managed to find the place to get the injection, Institut Pasteur, but the woman I spoke to there said that she couldn't do it then but could do it tomorrow. Having already bought the ticket out I will have to return in the new year. The visas will require a stay in Rabat.

Casa is a very big working city with no real time for tourists, it's one attraction is the Hassan II mosque, 3rd biggest in the world, I doubt the quote that St Peters would fit inside it. I'm not biased to any religion, I refused to pay to go inside, as mosques go I didn't find it very impressive but I don't think the Moroccans have the same financial resourses as say Brunei.

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