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Well we have moved again…. We went from the far East side of the Metro to the far West side…. Our reason for the move was because we have been having trouble with our truck lately and the place we bought it from in on the west side in Monticello… We have noticed a decrease in the coolant system and have refilled it a couple of times, only to see it go down again… We can’t see anywhere that it is leaking so the dealer thinks it might be something internal…. They said that they would need to keep it for at least two days and would give us a courtesy car to use while the truck is being fixed…. Bill ‘just came back from dropping it off and I am so excited….. The loaner they gave him is a SILVER FOCUS… Now that might not excite too many people but when we went full time with our RV, I had to sell my little car and guess what it was…. Yup… A Silver Focus….Boy do I ever miss it… I do drive the truck but it is not my favorite thing to take to a shopping mall and run around town in… It is big and the turning ratio is bigger and I always park it way at the end of the lot and walk for miles, rain or shine…. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of this little silver Focus and zip around Minneapolis….Might even take it to the Mall of America…

The park we stay at when we are on this side is a KOA… The owners are really nice people and this isn’t one of the outrageously priced KOA’s like some of them are so we don’t mind paying for the convenience of being close to the garage as well as Camping World and Cabella’s… Throw in one of the nicest outdoor malls we have been in and some beautiful lakes and parks close by, we should have a good time while waiting to see what the damage is to the truck… I’m sure glad that this happened before we left for Newfoundland…

And speaking of Newfoundland….2 weeks from today, we plan on starting our trip to the far North East for the next three months or so and have decided to clean up our journey a ..little bit on the blog… We are allowed to open a new trip and keep the same home page so I will be experimenting with a new one that I will title Newfoundland… It should make the maps a little easier to follow because we are overlapping so much as we criss-cross across the highways… I will continue on this same one until we actually get ready to leave but will be putting the new one “Under Construction” soon…..

Gotta go…. The Focus is calling……….

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