Don't wake me up travel blog

Saturday made a trip to Brownsville early to eat at golden carrol breakfast buffet. Anytime we are near one on Sat. I want to go (love it). We were going to the flea market but decided it was to windy and cold so we went to Sams Club and Academy also my two favorite stores.

Temp. hadn't been out of the 40's night or day until today since Saturday. News people said it had been 40 years since it had stayed that cold. We even had 1.20" of rain usually when they call for rain it might sprinkle 6 drops. We really enjoy our rear den that we can close off and use the fireplace place to warm it. I was against getting a electric fireplace but Linda wanted one and I'm glad she stood her ground and we got it. It's nice to close the door and heat one room (snug as bug in the rug). Another good thing here at Isla Blanca Park is that electricity is only .08 cents a KW most places its twice that. It's still like a dream doing this and if it is DON'T WAKE US UP

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