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Driving to Duluth...Note. the trees don't even have leaves on them yet

Maybe another week or so

It's hard to even see the lake

Those white streaks on the left side of the hill is SNOW

For those of you that wonder where Amsoil is from... Here it...

Crossing over to Wisconsin

You can barely see the Blatnik bridge in the fog

The roads were too bumpy to focus but the temp says 39...

Wow, have we been going through the weather… The tornado’s that touched down in Hugo, MN were very close to where we used to live and about 48 homes were gutted… It is amazing that there was only one life lost… Both of Bill’s daughter’s had gone to a shopping center and their car got the brunt of the hail storm…What a mess but just a short ways away, the sun was shining and the temps were in the 80’s….

We went to Duluth just for the day yesterday and it was miserable….. We had rain, fog, and temps that dropped to 39 degree’s…. We saw ice on the St. Lewis River and there was still snow on the slopes at Spirit Mountain…. Burr…. Were we ever cold…

That didn’t stop us from having a great visit with our friends Dean and Arlene though…. There house was as snug as a bug in the rug and it was wonderful to see them….

We also saw my good friend Irene…. Irene is the widow of my friend Joe that passed away a couple of months ago…. It was strange going to their house and not seeing neat Italian there ready with a big hug but we were happy to find that Irene is adjusting well… At least on the outside… This is a gal that at the age of 19 married her young GI in England and left her country and family to cross the big ocean on the Queen Mary 63 years ago… I am so glad that she has great children that can help her get through the loss….

We had a wonderful visit with Irene and then took her out to Sammy’s Pizza for a bite to eat…. It was so good…. There are several Sammy Pizza’s but none quite as good as the one in West Duluth….

We came back to Hinkley late last night and stayed another day here today… Tomorrow we will take our house to St Cloud where we will park it at the St Cloud RV Park….. From there we will be able to go back to Willmar without the RV to see Bill’s Mom, Sister and more of his family…. We have meetings at the nursing home on Thursday for an evaluation on his Mom…. St Cloud is further away from Willmar than we like to camp but the State Park in Willmar doesn’t have a lot of sites that we can get into so we opted to stay at one a little further away…

I took a few pictures of Duluth in the fog and rain and even though you have a hard time seeing it, it is still a beautiful place… But oh boy, Lake Superior can really have an effect on the weather…. Later………..Hopefully I will warm up……….

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