Crossing the Snake River in Idaho on our drive to Oregon..

It looked like a winter wonderland on the drive...


Arriving in Oregon...

We saw lots of Christmas trees along the drive..

We drove for miles by the river before arriving in Pendleton..

Driving by the Dalles Dam...

We pulled over at this historical spot and made sandwiches for lunch...

Last one!

We were on the road again early this morning. We drove another 300 miles to Pendleton, Oregon. The drive took us pass the Snake River in Idaho before arriving in Oregon. The most exciting part of the drive today was crossing Deadman Pass.

Here is a paste of information about this pass from Google.

Deadman Pass is a mountain pass at an elevation of 3,631ft (1.107m) above the sea level, located in Oregon, USA. Drivers attempting to negotiate the pass are in for a challenge: Heading northwest, you're forced to climb more than 2,000 feet in elevation that's chock-full of double-hairpin turns, as well as 6 percent grades. Heading southeast, the scenario flip-flops, and your brakes need to be operating at their full potential.

The road over the pass, also known as Cabbage Hill or Emigrant Hill, is asphalted. It’s called Interstate 84, also known as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway. It’s located between the towns of La Grande and Pendleton. Interstate 84, which closely follows the Trail on the southern slope is also notorious for treacherous conditions, especially in winter, because of the steep double hair-pin downgrades. Most of the accidents involve out-of-state freight trucks, 59% attributable to brake failures. End of quote:

We also arrived at the pass at night and they had a warning of dense fog. Yikes! It was a very exciting drive, but we made it. We also got pulled over by a nice man that let us know our lights in the back were all out. Double Yikes! Jerry found a fuse that was out and fixed the problem easily, thank goodness. We will be taking a much needed extra day to rest before heading on to Washington. Check back later for more.

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