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Hot Water Beach is exactly as it is named. There are underground hot water springs that are accessible at low tide. The draw to this place is being able to dig your very own thermal hot pool!!!

We arrived at around 5pm and had dinner in our camper while watching the sunset. Low tide last night was 9:30pm, and they say that you can access the section of hot water beach where the hot springs are starting from 2hrs before low tide and until 2hrs afterwards.

At about 7:45pm, after watching a half dozen people armed with buckets and shovels make their way out, we decided to head down and check it out. Eventually, there were about 8 of us out there, plodging around, trying to find the hot water. You are supposed to be able to feel the warmth in the sand. Not too long later, we had all found a hot spot.

Then it was time to dig!!! While the guys were busy digging a communal pool, the tide was still on its way out, but it was really taking its time!!! Every so often, just when the guys thought they were getting somewhere, a rogue tide would come crashing in, filling up the hole with cold sea water and sand. For a while, it seemed like a losing battle.

Finally, after building up walls and having everyone digging in the trench, we managed to fend off the waves. The pool started to fill with hot water. On our end, we had found a cold spring. It proved to be a lifesaver as the water coming in from the other end of the pool was scorching hot! The people on that end had to keep getting out and running into the waves to cool off! We were able to control the temperature at our end by moving our arms around every once in a while to mix the cold and the hot. It was VERY relaxing just laying there watching the stars in the dark.

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