First time here at the Oak Grove park on the base of...

nice spaces, small quiant park

nearly full of us on the road. Most of these people are...

where we were situated in the park.

Rebecca displayed here "twirlies".

We took the short walk to the beach access.

Wow! what a private beach. Look at all the people!

Looking in the olther direction, all the people.

The base is home to a famous lighthouse.

One day the storm made things a bit rough on the shore.

very rough indeed, we did not wade in on this day.

The next leg of our drive was 255 miles straight west on I-10 to the FAMCAMP at Naval Air Station Pensacola. We are going to spend one week here. Dave used to live near here and wants to show Miss Rebecca all about that time in his life. We quickly setup our coach and went to explore the beach which is about 100 yards away.

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