Entering the FAMCAMP gate

our site, number 40

This is our 302nd stop in 6 years and 9 months on the road! And, we figure we're good for another 10, all things being equal!

With some trepidation we packed it all up for a short move of only 85 miles north and west more near Boston. Trepidation, for the possibility of maybe not having discovered enough about young Samuels’ life here on the Cape! If there is anything else it’ll have to wait for another trip. It’s always exciting to travel the new roads and see new places.

We arrived at the Hanscom AFB FAMCAMP near Concord, MA to find a wonderful RV site waiting for us. This base is small compared to others and shares the airfield with the town. It is used as an "executive airfield" so we won't hear too many big aircraft taking off right outside our window. We can see the dozens of small planes take off from our patio, which about 200 yards from the runway! We’ll be here for two weeks, to learn about the beginnings of the Revolutionary War. Concord is only 3 miles away, Lexington is 5 miles. We're, once again, in the center of historical significance.

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