We enter Maine for the first time in our travels

Rebecca drove the whole distance today, Dave got to sightsee.

Our RV park for two weeks

Moody beach area has some of the nicest beaches in Maine

This is nice park

With lots of trees

Nice pool among other amenities

First time we ever had to parallel park!

Common space between rows! Strange but nice once you get used to...

Rebecca adds Maine to our map

Our 44th state, yea!

Rebecca drove the whole way, a distance of 83 miles, for today's move.

The weather has been in our favor for weeks, we hope it will continue to be nice. We haven't been to this part of the US before. We will be here for two weeks and since the end summer is our last week it should be much quieter than the last 16 weeks!

While here, we expect to visit a few of the quaint seaside towns, the famed Kennebunkport and some other sights that come our way! We are excited so come along and join us.

NOTE: we have posted more than 7500 photos to this travel journal in the 6 yrs. 9 mo's we have been traveling, hope you're enjoying this trip as much as we.

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