Our setup, a little "Ma & Pa kettle" like this time.

Rebecca displays her twirlies!

A view out our window, looking down to the lake.

We love to watch birds of all kinds.

It's spring! Look out for nesting birds, like this pair of swallows

They scope out the fifth wheels especially for nesting opportunities.

Unless you're going to stay for the hatch & help raise them,...

Dave gets the boat, Pearl, ready for a family fishing outting.

When Rebecca drove the rig out of the Fort Benning FAMCAMP we had a little rain storm chasing us half way across Georgia. However, by lunch time and the driver switch it had cleared up for Dave to pull into our next stop at the end of our 263 mile journey for the day. This is a familiar place to our long time readers. Our eldest son lives in the area, so when we're in the southeast states we stop. We will be here for 19 days.

For our military friends out there, if you haven't stopped here, do so. It is a great place to stay, inexpensive and it's a short drive into Augusta to see the sights.

For this stop, we are expecting to help with a couple projects around the son's home and see a couple new tour sights. Hopefully, with our full schedule we'll be able to get some fishing done as well. So look for another entry here about what we'll discover touring.

For all you 5'th wheel haulers out there. In the spring, watchout for little birds that want a nest area. They will eyeball you're "kingpin box" as a protected nest area. Be aware of bird activity at the front of your coach. This happened once to us when we first began but weren't aware of a problem. So, unless you're prepared to stay, to be nice, and finish off the hatch and raising of a brood of swallows.... Cover up the kingpin box, stuff it with a pillow, or some other clever way to discourage them. The time we got caught up with a nest, we ended up using a ladder to place the nest with eggs in the crook of a tree, on the morning we were leaving! All the while, mommy and daddy were flying around us frantic! Don't know if the placement worked and we felt terrible.

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