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Today's route

Scenes along US 150 in Illinois

Working in the Illinois fields along US 150king

Sue "enjoying" the scenery LOL

An island in a sea of corn husks

A potential road block

Fire station at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, IL

Minuteman at Chanute

Another rolling roadblock

Sights along US 136 in Indiana

All American street in the fall in Indiana

Which way should we go?

Studebaker Golden Hawk

Winnie at Lake Haven Retreat

Today's route took us along US 150 and US 136 in Illinois and Indiana on a beautiful fall day. I chose US 136 because it goes through Rantoul, IL. Chanute Air Force Base was located there, but it was decommissioned in 1993 and turned over to the local government. While active, it served as the center of Air Force technical training which included fire fighting. My father spent over 20 years as a civilian firefighter for the Air Force and at one point in the 70's attended school at Chanute. I've got some pictures of his graduating class, but don't have them with me on this trip. The base is a skeleton of what it was when it was active with some of the building in use by government and private entities, but most are empty and for sale or lease. It appears that the officer and enlisted housing are occupied by renters. There used to be a Aerospace Museum in one of the building along the aircraft ramps, but it closed in 2015. Even though the aircraft on display are visible on Google Maps, they must have been moved as they were no longer there. For those of you from Delaware, the 2019 Punkin' Chunkin" World Championships were scheduled to be held at Chanute this month on Halloween weekend. I guess we should have stuck around, but we continued on to Indianapolis where we spent the night at Lake Haven Retreat.

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