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October 18, 2019

The wind died down and is very pleasant this morning. Made a nice breakfast trying to use up what we have left on board. Pulled most everything out of the storage areas and rearranged based on our experience of three weeks on the road. Did a deeper clean than usual which should lighten the load when we get home. Even did laundry which is cheap ($2.50)!

There are some very fancy rigs with hydraulic lifts for motorcycles. Most are spotless. Many folks getting their rigs washed today.

Lazed about reading etc. This is the one camp where we don’t have a picnic table and our portable is at home as we rarely need it! Very close by is a BBQ area with a cabana we can use.

Some folks from Edmonton arrived next door. They drove Hwy 95 (the route we plan to take tomorrow) through Nevada. They have a much bigger rig than we have. He said he had to stop twice because he was so exhausted keeping the rig on the road. He also said it is supposed to snow near Reno. Bob and I immediately agreed to travel south on Interstate 15 to CA 58 and then Interstate 5. We had hotel reservations at the BW in Sparks which we were able to cancel and then booked at the BW in Coalinga. Will have dinner at Harris Ranch.

Pinkhams arrived about 6:30 to share a 2015 Patz and Hall chardonnay before we took Uber to The Bootlegger Bistro. The Bootlegger has been around for 49 years and serves classic Italian fare and is open 24 hours a day! We loved it the last time here.

Steve and Ann very generously brought two wonderful wines plus glasses. 1989 Chateau Lynch Bages and 1997 Amarone Della Val Policella Allegria. Ann had a shrimp cocktail with 5 HUGE shrimps, Bob had a wedge salad followed by sausage and peppers and Steve and I had small osso buco with risotto and asparagus. Yum!

Uber home and to bed as we wanted to leave by 7:30 tomorrow. 387 miles which is a long day for us.

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