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Off to Sikanni River R V on Transmission Day

Clouds to infinity


Ranch land

Horses watching the traffic go by

Peace River probably carved these cliffs

Overlooking Peace River Valley

Looking down on Peace River


Metal bridge makes for a loud crossing in the motorhome

Islands in the Peace River


Clarke Mill's Logger from a "Muffler Man"


What Wildlife?

Loving the yellow dandelions

Ron & Tina's coach at the rest stop

Keith & Lisa's coach

That's where we are headed

Very cloudy day

We are watching.....

Long road ahead

Very eerie, black clouds over the white ones

I almost missed him, sorry about the window glare

Maybe walking to Alaska

Low Bed truck transport arrived

Its back wheels move forward

Which lowers the bed to the ground

From the street side, we are on & wheels come back to...

Securing the motorhome

Following our coach down to Fort St. John, BC

Arrived at Wajax Power Systems

We all headed to Sikanni (Sick-a-knee) but only made it 2/3 of the way there 98.5 miles 2 hours.

The day started out with billowy clouds as far as we could see, with a breeze. We passed some interesting sandstone cliffs probably worn away from some ancient river and the winds. There was pastureland and ranches with horses. We are, as you recall, in the Peach River district and we had an amazing vista of the Peace River Valley as we descended from the higher elevations. We crossed the Peace River on a metal-based bridge (sounds eerie from inside the coaches). Our view to the right was of the Railroad bridge and the islands in the river.

We drove through the city of Fort St. John, good size town. Then after, we had miles of forest with logging trucks traveling south. There was a tall "Logger" with a sign to Clarke’s Mill made from a former “Muffler Man”.

We passed by an old burn area, always a sad thing to see, but it is nature. Some trees affected by bark beetle can affect a large area. But lightening strikes and cleans up the forest so it can regenerate.

Then there was a sign that said “Do not feed the wildlife” – Really? What wildlife? Oops, almost missed the bear on the side of the highway! We did see a man walking with his camping gear towed behind him in a little wheeled cart. I wonder if he is walking to Alaska? We have seen people on bicycles going to Alaska with their bike all decked out with camping gear. I wonder what this fellow will do if he encounters wildlife?

So, we are driving along, starting down a long downhill and Larry applied our engine brake. . . .

He heard an unusual sound. And then he could not change gears, not working right. He called to the others on the CB radio that we are going to pull over at the first available spot. Not much available here, so the first place available was a right turn lane onto a logging side road. The three guys put their heads together, reading the manual, trying different things. Nothing, we weren’t going anywhere.

I got on the phone to find a truck repair facility in Fort St. John and found one that works on Allison Transmissions. Then I called Good Sam Emergency Road Service. They send a text that I click on a link in the text and it sends a signal to them and they know exactly where we are (in the middle of nowhere). Long story short, We send the other two couples on there way. I was on the phone with good Sam for about an hour then about 3 hours waiting for the truck driver (we requested a Low Bed Truck, not a tow). He had been in a safety meeting and apologized for the delay.

He got us up on the bed, fascinating how that works, I had not seen one in action before. We got in our car and followed him to Wajax Power Systems in Fort St. John. We arrived after they were closed and were deposited in their parking lot. Resigned to our fate and hungry, we went to get some dinner, then settled in for the night.

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