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Carpes at the FMCA Campground

Busy junction in Columbus
A few years back we took the wrong one...

Pretty spire near downtown Columbus

(Seemingly) Endless construction in Columbus

We near the FMCA CG in Newtown

We made it!!!
Bob drove the entire distance non-stop!

Bob and Aunt Betty
We want to be like Aunt Betty when we...

Wed, 15 Aug: A short drive today...

After a week in the deserted Ohio State Fair RV park we finally have to get moving. We enjoyed our solitude with only the geese to keep us company (and keep us watching where we walk!)

We got things ready for the road and connected the car. Checklist checked, brakes & lites checked, Bob rolled wheels out of the fairgrounds a few minutes past ten. A quick drive brought us to the I 71 south on ramp and we quickly joined the late morning traffic in downtown Columbus.

In addition to many different junctions that we had to negotiate to stay on I 71 south, we also contended with (seemingly) endless construction. We were well south of the city before the orange cones disappeared and the traffic abated a bit. Nevertheless, the road was busy all the way to Cincinnati.

Northeast of Cincinnati we took the east loop road, I 275 south. We exited on OH 32 and took it west a half dozen miles to the FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) campground. We arrived a bit after noon and got set up in our previously reserved campsite. We have stayed here several times in the past and enjoy the two complimentary (free?) nites per month camping to which each member is entitled.

Today's drive was a short 113 miles, during which Carpe Diem delivered a tad more than 8½ mpg. Good girl!

We'll be here for our included two nites. Tomorrow we plan to drive north to Centerville (south of Dayton) and visit with Bob's Aunt Betty.

Thu, 16 Aug:

We drove the sixty some miles from the campground to Centerville Ohio to visit with Bob's Aunt Betty. She celebrated her 97th birthday last month, and she is sharp as a tack. We both decided that we want to be like Aunt Betty when we "grow up"! As a bonus we got see cousin Linda, but alas husband Jim was working.

We visited for about two hours and left before we outstayed our welcome or worse, tired Aunt Betty. The return drive was a bit easier as the rain wasn't quite as heavy. We stopped for a quick lunch at a fast food place and were back in our RV by mid afternoon. It was a worthwhile outing and we were very happy to visit with this special lady...

Tomorrow we'll head south...

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